PSWL Wiffle Ball
2012 Standings
1. Mandimes:              3-1
2. Chafe & Jinkers        3-1
3. Purple Cobras          3-2
4. Team YOWO           3-2
5. Team Makeshift       1-3
6. Average Joes           0-5
2012 PSWL Preview: "Good Feeling"
2012 PSWL Spring Break Tournament
2012 PSWL Wiffle
Scarpinella Throws 1st No-Hitter of 2012
PSWL rookie Dylan Scarpinella of the Chafe & Jinkers threw the seasons first no-hitter in a 4-0 victory over the Purple Cobras. The Jinkers defense provided plenty of support for Scarpinella, as self-proclaimed MVP Mike Chave robbed two Cobra home runs at the fence. Mike Quinn was stellar on the mound for Team YOWO as he threw a 1-hitter.